Look across the beautiful sea

What do those shiny eyes see?

Magical fireworks

Littered across the sky on a cold night

Like the scenes in a photo you long to be a part of again

The smiles you dream of when you are drifting off to sleep

And the strings that your heart pulls when it starts to ache

We were both broken cause that’s how the light got in

And we couldn’t stop time as you clutched in my arms

The tick-tock soothed, it led on

But there was something different this time

The glimmer of the stars in your eyes dimmed

Just like I did

So split the ocean with my bones

Bury in my heart all those thorns

And leave my skin untouched

So I can feel your royal touch once again

Shoot me to the moon and kiss me there

But before that;

Gather the clouds

Call the rains

Send the sun into hiding

Summon the thunder

Force her to bring along lightning

Threaten her with your own rumbling, you sweet goddess

Let all the creatures of the earth know the magnitude of your painful loss

You always said you’d be a disaster without me; be one

At least I’ll rest knowing you kept one of your promises

We might be apart but I’ll be in every single breath you take

I’ll be in the rays of the sun each morning to give you strength to face the day

I’ll be in the calm breeze at dusk to give you rest as you face the darkness of the night

I’ll be in the moon across the gay horizon

And you’ll be the stars in the sacred sky

Together we shall rise and light up the universe

In what we share that’s ours to cherish

A love that distance failed to perish

As you read my eulogy

Remember to quote your last words to me on my death bed

“Pick a card, any card…”

I think I’ll still choose you in the world that is to come

You are way more than scars and bruises

You are a heart full of muses


Photo Credits : Instagram

DAAAAAAMNNN, didn’t you just love the ending of this article? I hope you enjoyed this piece of art. And guess what, it’s another collab!!!!Herbert and I worked on it for quite some time cause we had different ideas but we still pulled it off in the long run.

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Wow, it was January the other day

Time really flies right?

Anyway, I wanted to share something straight from my heart

And it’s about content creators

Be it bloggers, youtubers, photographers, whatever content creators there are out there

What these people do is create something that has never existed before

Everything they put out there is an invention of their own

(well that is if they are genuine people)

I feel like people don’t know the struggle that content creators go through

I’m going to speak for the writers

At some point you experience writer’s block

A state where your mind can’t write and if it does you don’t feel like it’s good enough

You feel like nobody cares so why should you even bother posting it

I have been through that before

Last week I didn’t post and it’s not because I didn’t have one of my old drafts to save me the work

I just didn’t feel like it was important or helpful to people who I will tell to read or anyone for that matter

But I checked my views that day and people actually checked out my blog hoping there was something that Wednesday (apologiesss)

I was in a state of self doubt

Asking myself if I am good enough to even call myself a blogger or writer for that matter

Then I sat down one night and thought about that day I started my blog out of no where

I started out without a plan, it was so random

I went for it without caring what anyone thought

I wanted to write my thoughts and share them to the world

That’s all that mattered then

One thing I always tell people

If you want to do something, just fucking do it

Follow your intuition

Don’t think twice about it

If it doesn’t work out you atleast know you tried it and you can move on to better things


Another thing is that the first thing you’re going to create is not always going to be good

But it’s from creating a lot of mediocre things that we learn to improve and create better stuff

It’s a journey

You will never become good at something if you don’t do it often or atleast try

And that’s why am typing this right now

I don’t care if it’s bad

I’m going to post it anyway and someone’s definitely going to read it

So, go ahead and do what you have to do

And after creating and completing one thing

Move on to the next one

Dwelling on one thing can actually derail you

Sometimes I write articles

Read them 5 times and am like

This is so stupid and a waste of time

No one will like this

Am definitely deleting it

It’s natural, we all go through it

Just put it out there

That’s the goal

And work on the next one okay?

Also, for content creators

If you are experiencing some sort of block

Take a break

It really helps you see things in a different perspective from what you are used to

You are able to see what other people are doing and get motivation

Take a breather and come back better

That’s what I’ve been doing

You can also travel to a new place

For me, being in one constant place or a certain routine for a long time kinda affects the way my mind works

So traveling to new places, spending time with different people or trying out something different really helps refresh your mindset

Do it, thank me later

It is also important to learn from what other people in your field are doing

The truth is, there is always going to be someone doing better than you

Don’t be jealous, learn from them

Be inspired

And finally, don’t quit

A lot of people start things because it’s easy

But being consistent is what matters and makes you different

So, don’t fucking quit you awesome human being

Whatever it is you want, you can achieve if you set your mind to it!

That’s all I have for you today! Hope it was a nice read which challenged or inspired you in any way. If it didn’t, am still glad you checked it out lol!

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Once Upon A Dream

Once Upon a dream
There was a boy
Who wanted to be king

Once upon a dream
There was a girl
She dreamt of being queen

Once upon a dream
Life saw those fluttering whims
And he dwelt and pondered on these things

Days turned to months
Months to years
The boy became a man
The girl a woman

Neither had a kingdom
Neither lived their dream

For they’d learnt that life wasn’t easy, you see
The world doesn’t look kindly upon those with dreams
It will rip them and whip them and tear them to shreds
So that it leaves you naked and bare; hanging by a thread
A boy was a boy,
A girl was a girl,
Just that, nothing more

But as time went on
Those two came to see
That it wasn’t their dreams that were ripped
It was the veil from their eyes
And it wasn’t the fantasy that was whipped
It was the mistruths and the lies

Because when all is said and done
If you listen to all the truths under the sun
You’ll find out that every boy is a king
And every girl a queen
And their friend an earl, a knight, duke or count

For every person is what they dream
And this they fail to realize it from the beginning
That a boy is so much more than a king
And all girls better than queens
Once upon a time, there were two children with dreams
Once upon a time,
That was you,
That was me


Guess who did a collab again? Meeee 

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I saw you the other day

You didn’t notice me though

Which is weird cause I remember those same lips telling me they would only see me in a crowd full of strangers

I fell, not in love

But for your lies, I fell hard

Heard you got a new girlfriend

And it’s hurting me

(Cue the song Hurtin’ Me by Stefflon Don ft French Montana, sis am obsessed)

Well, I saw you two holding hands

And I knew she was the one

My replacement

Wait, I almost forgot

No one can replace me lol

I saw the way you looked at her

Like she was a gem you found in the sea

I saw how you kissed her

Like the world was going to end tomorrow

Then I looked at myself

At my life

At your hands on her

At my body which you touched with those hands

I couldn’t possibly let those hands touch me again even in the second life

The hands that once belonged to me

Were now meant for everyone

I know I’m selfish

And that’s why you left me

I was selfish with my love

With my time

With my body

And with you

That’s why I was feeling what I was feeling that day

Clearly, I can’t explain that feeling

It was sad seeing you happy with someone else other than me

I was supposed to be your happiness

Your all, remember?

Changes, everything changes, everyone does

I looked at my feet

And walked away from you two

Like any other stranger would

I didn’t know you anymore

And I didn’t regret it at all

Nothing’s permanent, they say

You were my nothing

But then you became something else

Something temporary

You became someone else

And now you’re just somebody that I used to know

Hellooooo (whispers and hides), yes am back to these feels and emotions, yes you’re gonna get more of these vulnerable posts from me. I know this was a little bit short but I’m going to fix that. I finally got my groove back!

Anyway, I hope this post invoked some emotion or any type of feel cause that’s what my blog is about. The title is inspired by Jhene Aiko and Big Sean honestly so don’t you dare ask me about numbers. But they’re gonna be 100 in 2088, goals right? YASSSS I LOVE THEM💕

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Keeping Up With K

2347 hours, in the mood for a rant

Is it September or October?

Wait, it’s actually October

I’m from throwing up the 4th time today

As if having your period is not enough, imagine being nauseated all the time

I can’t keep anything in my stomach 

These are the days when I question my gender and why I have to be punished for not having a baby every month

Then I remember, Beyoncè goes through this every month, Superwoman gets her period and tells us on her vlog every month, I will get through this

So today in the morning I was getting some things done just minding my business

Thinking about my bed at home because those cramps weren’t the best thing

Plus, I was sweating like crazy (PS: Am not that person who sweats ALOT but today, even my shirt was almost wet)

Then a young man interrupted my thoughts and pulled over right beside me

He was wearing a white shirt and a purple tie, not so bad for a Tuesday meeting I guess

He was so excited and in my head I was just like “Why are you being like this? Why are you bragging about having a good day? Do you know how shitty my day is? No because you only care about yourself!”

So he was asking for directions and like the good human being I am, I did him the honours so that he could just go and leave me alone

As if that’s not enough, when that guy drove off, a middle aged woman in a yellow dress caught up with me and started asking for the same directions

At this point I was almost blowing up because, WHY ME????

Am I the only one around who looks like a direction giver? Who sent you? Why are doing this to me? Am in pain, I just want to go home and cry myself to sleep

You won’t believe what this woman did, she insisted that we walk together


And she was a talking machine, literally

Talking about how she needs to get there quickly and how I helped her

Talking about how her morning was and how that dress was hard to put on

To be honest, I was now questioning God 

Why are you sending me people excited about life in the morning? Who even holds conversations in the morning? Who even talks to a 19 year old stranger in the fucking morning?

Eventually, I decided to take a different route to solve this problem of a woman

“Tenda wema, nenda zako” was literally happening

So I get home, I don’t take lunch because, no appetite

I take meds which to me didn’t work because I was cramping for the last 5 hours and later on I slept

(Life Hack: Take PMS meds a day before your period starts to balance your hormones hence, no severe cramping or vomiting. Thanks YouTube)

Anyway, I wake up to drama in Kenya

Raila is the king of petty and apparently he has withdrawn from the coming election

This day couldn’t get any “better” right?

So, politics, politics and more politics is what we talk about in Kenya

Don’t get me started on this topic because I have so much to say

Anyway, I proceed to take my supper because am a bit hungry

I then take my laptop to atleast watch some Youtube videos to distract myself

Then guess what, my body decides we’re going to throw up again, YAY

So, we do that and I’m here typing this because I AM TIRED and I don’t want to deal with people tomorrow asking me why I didn’t post

Because I’m fucking sick that’s why

Here’s to you who’s had a bad day

Here’s to you who was born female

Here’s to you who is going through some shit in life

Here’s to you who has tonnes of school work

Here’s to you who can’t deal with your employer anymore

I’m not going to tell you to be positive


Just know, it gets better with time

And, it’s only a bad day, not a bad life!

That was my not-so-good Tuesday but tomorrow is a new day and I’m going to wake up happy like those two strangers I met today and I’m going to be hella productive😊

Pray for a girl to get better

And see you next Wednesday, hopefully with a useful blog post right?


*schedules post and goes to sleep*


If anyone should try and find me

Just know I’m where I want to be

I left the house all clean and tidy

Don’t come searching, please

I’ve made my way down to the forest

Way down to the sea of trees

The eagle grows, it gets enormous

And then it has to bleed

All the way out

On my way out

I found a way out

Up in a tree

Could you believe it?

Wouldn’t you believe

Hell is not a place

Hell is not a certain evil

Hell is other people

Or the lack thereof

And their lack of love

If I died, would it even make a sound in the sea of trees?

No need to bother looking for me

Don’t come searching for me

You don’t get to die until you get it right, you said

I envy the dead

I’m way down in the sea of trees

I’m way out

What is that I see?

Staring back at me

I’m okay now

Alive, alive

Made it out alive


I’m out alive

Hello there, so, I’ve been vybing to Jhene’s new album “TRIP”. Almost every song gives me feels but I related most to Jukai. Ooh, and Moments where she featured Big Sean. I REALLY love that song. STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING AND GO LISTEN TO THESE TWO SONGS. 

Anyway, listening to this album is like watching your life through a lense. It’s about getting lost, finding love, enjoying moments, sometimes regretting it, learning from past experiences, and best of all, taking time to love yourself. 

See you next Wednesday💋 Don’t forget to be positive, be happy and be YOU. Like, comment on OR share this post if you loved it!


12 AM Thoughts

0008 hours

Listening to Aux Cord Approved 7 (hiphop and trap mixtape) by DJ Austifrosty on Soundcloud

Self-Made by Bryson Tiller currently playing

I know Drake is next

I should be getting my beauty sleep right now

But am here typing because I realized today is Wednesday and I have to post

For this life I cannot change

I am struggling to finish my 12th glass 

Not of something else but water

And I’m still eating

As a matter of fact I’ve been eating since 8pm

RIP my eating habits

All this food goes to my attitude and ego because a girl doesn’t gain any weight no more

Thoughts, a lot of thoughts

I keep typing and deleting full sentences

I don’t think it’s good enough

I think it’s too deep

I’m scared of being so vulnerable

It will only get me hurt

But then again, no one cares

I have been writing for a long time now

But there’s not a lot of articles that really describe what I feel inside

Except EMPTY, when I wrote that, I really was empty

And it was the most honest article I’ve ever written

I want this one to be honest too

And talk about my feelings

My fears and thoughts

When am alone on nights like these

I can’t decide whether it’s freedom or loneliness

Sometimes, I love the peace of my own company

Will I ever really love someone more than this? 

Someone who can make me feel better when am with them than when am just by myself doing whatever I want?

I honestly don’t know

Today, I wanted to call one of my close friends

We’ve not talked in a while

But I just couldn’t

What if they were out there with people having fun and I’m just here trying to talk to someone about life?

What if they are busy with some thing else

What if they don’t pick up at all and call me back tomorrow when i’m not in the mood to talk anymore

All these what if’s stopped me

And to be honest

That’s why I don’t check up on people these days

I feel like me doing that is disturbing or interrupting them

I feel like it has become so unnecessary to talk about some things these days

Especially feelings

Sometimes I even think I’m the only one who is deep among most of my friends

Sometimes I want to hold deep conversations with people but there’s so much drama and fake deep people out there

So I just keep it to myself

Or write about it occasionally

Everyone goes through some shit these days

It’s even hard to talk about your problems to someone

Because chances are; theirs are worse and yours will seem irrelevant in that case

I also have this feeling of wanting a vacation/break from everyone and everything which I’m used to everyday

I need to pause and refresh my mind

And come back with my joy and positivity

Come back with the zeal to conquer this life

But for now, I’m just tired of life

Let me sleep

Tomorrow is another day to get tired

I won’t tell you to have a good day

Instead, have a day

Wake up, stretch, wear comfy clothes and go conquer today

It’s just a bad day, not a bad life

And it all gets better with time

Bear with me and understand that I still don’t know what the point of this post was. But I’m trying to be consistent, so for what it’s worth, I still posted today. 

Thanks for taking time to read this, you are a cool human being and I wish you all the happiness you pretend to have!

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